Best Free VPN service providers 2018

Top 5 List Of Best Free VPN Services 2018

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VPN services have become a necessity in today’s digital age. A person who doesn’t know about VPNs might be living in some other world. A VPN service has so many tasks to do, It does not only keep you safe in this online world by encrypting your data and protecting your privacy. but it will also help you in changing your geolocation. If you change your geolocation then you can get the access to blocked content from anywhere.

However, Premium VPN services are better at doing these tasks. They provide a much secure and private, connection – but as we know, those services cost some money. If you are not willing to pay for VPN services then you can try some best free VPN services. Although, we know that Nothing is free in this world but there are some VPN services that do not charge amount from you. We have brought 5 such popular VPN services to you.

Top 5 Best Free VPN Services Provider Lists Of 2018

  1. HotSpot Shield VPN

One of the well known VPN, HotSpot Shield offers a free version that will give you 500MB every day . Clearly, this won’t be sufficient if you are a streaming or torrenting enthusiast, however It will be very helpful if you simply need to unblock a site. It will also help you keep your information safe while utilizing an open Wi-Fi.

The free version of HotSpot Shield VPN enables you to add just a single device. And you can utilize just a single server which is in America. It is not for people who consume a lot of data but it will work fine if you want to browse some blocked websites. it’s perfect as it work with all major platforms. Also, It will give you the fast speed.

When we talk about pros of HotSpot Shield VPN then it has Lightning fast speeds, Strong data encryption, Access to all the blocked content. While the cons of this service are data limited to 500MB per day, Only single device connect and the service comes with ads. It is one of the top free VPN service.

  1. TunnelBear VPN

One of the best VPN service for beginners. TunnelBear is apparently the most easy to use VPN service. It has the best user-friendly interface. It has made its mark in the VPN industry through it features and uniqueness. It is very popular among people, In spite of the fact that its free subscribers are constrained to only 500 MB of data every month. But do you know that you can get an extra GB by tweeting about the company?

If we talk about pros of free version then the list is very long and looks great. At TunnelBear there is no IP or data logging, which means your online activity is not recorded by anyone. Thus, you get all the freedom. It easy to use user-friendly interface, which can be used even by a beginner. One of the major plus point of this VPN service is it does not have popup ads to irritate you.

When we talk about its cons then the monthly limit of 500MB tops the list. It is the drawback of this service. It also gives limited server access, which is another problem with this VPN. If you love Netflix, then let me let tell you its free version doesn’t work well with Netflix. Settings are also too basic. Even after these cons it has been masses favorite VPN and best free VPN services provider since a long time.

  1. PrivateTunnel VPN

Private Tunnel is not your ideal VPN but it has the potential to become one. The most important thing about Private Tunnel VPN is that it is accessible for various platforms. No matter of you are a Windows, Mac, Android or iOS user, You can find its version suitable for you. It has servers in 3 different locations. It can support upto 3 devices.

Another trademark imparted to a large number of its peers is the presence of a restricted, free bundle notwithstanding paid-for memberships. Indeed, kind of. As opposed to offering a customary month to month membership data, you are rather given 200MB of non-terminating data to use as you need. At the point when this runs out, you can buy more data in packs of 20GB or 100GB.

If you feel that you’d like to utilize PrivateTunnel constantly, you can decide on a $30 every year package which will give you unlimited data. You can use the 200MB as something of a tester session to check whether you like everything in private tunnel VPN or not. As a VPN, PrivateTunnel works genuinely well, in spite of the fact that associations can be somewhat touchy now and again. It’s all simple to utilize, so there’s little reason not to step through it for a test.

It might not be the best but it has some features which make it likeable by many people. One of the major feature of this VPN service is its easy to use interface and easy to set up. It’s availability on different platforms is also a platform. While the only con is its data limit.

  1. Avira Phantom Free

Avira Phantom VPN is one VPN service about which most of you have not heard till now. It is one of those services which claims to be free of cost. When you use this VPN you can easily browse the web securely and anonymously without thinking much. It is available on many platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Google’s Chrome.

The free version of Avira VPN service offers 500MB of data a month. It has some other features too which makes it one of the top free VPN services. When you use Avira VPN then you can get the access to geo-restricted sites. Your data is completely encrypted, It also provides DNS leak prevention.

  1. Savage VPN

Savage VPN is a common name for Android users. It basically provides VPN services for Android devices. Savage VPN’s services works across Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G and all mobile carriers. Savage VPN is free of cost and unlike others it offers unlimited data. However, it has ads to show.

Savage VPN does not collect any log of your online activity. Thus, it gives you complete freedom to do your task anonymously. It has a ‘one click’ connect feature to get started. The service claims to use low power. It is also one of the highest rated app on Google’s play store with 4.5 rating. Savage VPN has some awesome features that is why it has been featured in our list of most popular VPNs.

We have tried our best and researched enough about these VPN services. If you want to use any of these please make it sure to check things on your own.

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